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Using all Sawdoctor’s music, this was a world Premiére. Telling the story of two Tuam shams, (Rock and Roll, who come from opposite sides of the tracks), this is a lovely, fun story, written specially for Stage Left by Tuam native Kevin O’ Dwyer.

Separated by society, and then by emigration, Rock and Roll use many Sawdoctor’s songs to get across the many themes of unrequited love, emigration and relationships, but all is well in the end when they meet again at a concert by Tuam’s favourite band, The Sawdoctors.


Seymour, an orphan and a nerd, is taken in and given a job by Mr. Mushnik, the owner of a run down Florists in the seedy part of town. Seymour spends his time doing menial tasks and dreaming of the shop assistant, Audrey. One day, just after an eclipse of the Sun, Seymour discovers a strange plant. He buys it and names it Audrey II. While caring for Audrey II, Seymour discovers the plant’s rather unique appetite. The plant grows and grows, as does Seymour’s infatuation for Audrey, but who will get her first? FEED ME!


Nathan Detroit, the organizer of the oldest permanent floating crap game in New York, bets Sky Masterson that he can’t make the next girl he sees fall in love with him- this turns out to be squeaky clean Miss Sarah Brown of the Save-a-Soul Mission. Meanwhile, Nathan’s long-suffering girlfriend, and the main attraction at the Hot Box nightclub – Miss Adelaide, only wants to get married. In the end the gamblers and “Plucky do-gooders” are thrown together

2012: BATTLE OF OLD McDONALD’S FARM (World Premiére)

Old McDonald has a problem. His farm is directly on the proposed route of a bypass around Tuam, and Mrs Bigwig wants to take it off him, so that she can make loads of money ( Surely not in Ireland, I hear you say!!!!!!! ).

No one is happy about it, as the animals don’t want to be sold and the fairies don’t want to lose their fairy ring, but Mrs Bigwig is determined. Something has to give, as the animals and fairies take on the power of the developers….. but maybe Lukey Leprechaun will be able to help???


Tuam is being dug up left, right and centre, by the nasty Mr. Welly. He claims to be helping but is really searching for his long lost love. The Princess of the Land of Gorm. She is locked away and guarded by a giant. Some brave children try to help, and true love wins out in the end.

2011: OLIVER

The story of a young orphan boy, who escapes from an orphanage, and goes to London. There he falls in with a bad crowd of thieves and gangsters. Rescued by a kind gentleman, he is later snatched back by the bad guys, only to be rescued in the end, and reunited with friends and newly revealed family.

2010: HONK

Based on Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Ugly Duckling”, Honk! tells the story of an odd looking baby duck, named Ugly, and his quest to find his way home. Soon after Ugly is born, a wily Cat seduces him away from the rest of the flock with the intent of eating him. Eventually, Ugly escapes, only to discover that he is lost and does not know how to find his way back to his family. In his wanderings he encounters a beautiful swan, Penny, tangled in a fishing line. After saving her, the two birds fall in love. Penny however, must return to her flock in order to fly south for the winter. Eventually, Ugly’s mother finds him frozen in snow. Luckily, her warm tears manage to thaw him out, and he comes back to life.


Jim Bob Joe disappeared years ago, believed eaten by a giant, who lives up the hill. Michael, Jim Bob Joe’s brother, doesn’t believe that the giant is as bad as everyone says he is, so he decides to go and see him. On his way he meets many characters, most of whom either deny the giant exists, or tell him that the giant will eat him, but he presses on regardless. He finally gets to talk to the giant, who seems to be not too bad, but the giant doesn’t want to talk to him, once he realises who he is. Michael then decides to find his grandfather, who knows more about the giant. He heads to Lunacy Island, where he meets a lot of strange and wonderful people, and finally his grandfather, who gives him more information about the giant. Michael, his friends and the Giant return to the village where all is revealed!!! The show uses some well known songs from musicals, and some pop songs, and is the work of our friend, Peter Kennedy and we would like to thank him for allowing us to produce his show.


Nothing can come between two sisters….except, of course, true love! Sarah and Sally both fall for the same guy, and Sisters (written by Peter Kennedy), follows them through their lives as they continue to live for the love of a man.






  • John Mulrooney
  • Aine Doherty
  • Ruth Tomkins
  • Ita Cunningham